Power Couple Prevails Together

Our Story

Pro Technology Solutions is a company that was founded with a vision by two talented individuals, Randy and Nikke VanSlyke, back in 2007. They were motivated by the desire to create a business that would be known for its high standards and unwavering morals. It’s worth noting that Randy has been in the low voltage industry since 1984, when he first started working as a residential security salesperson. With such a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, it was a natural progression for Randy and Nikke to establish their own company where they could implement all the insights that they had gained over the years. Since marriage in 2001, they have also been blessed with two daughters, who are their pride and joy. The journey has been long, but the values of integrity, innovation and excellence that Randy and Nikke embody have been consistently maintained, making Pro Technology Solutions a reliable and trustworthy partner for you.

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