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Structured Cable / Home Networks

Structured cabling in your home will allow you take advantage of todays technology and tomorrows. being able to share files between computers, share printers and faxes, and keep tabs on the content availble to children are great reasons for a home network. Controlling video content and having the ability to decide what signals go where provide great flexibilty for our entertainment choices.

Wireless is great but was invented so people without wires could still have networks.

Physical wiring is still faster, and more secure.

An effective home network should provide the best of both worlds, wired and wireless whenever possible

All wiring home run to a central location in the home

Cable modems and routers can be located somewhere other than under the desk in a tangle of wires

Dual shielded coaxial cable and high quality CAT5e used for all video, phone, and ethernet locations. Upgrades to CAT6 are available

Wireless Access Points

  • Deliver Broader Wi-Fi Coverage and Eliminate Client Device Roaming Issues
  • Maximize Data Rates with Concurrent Dual-Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Technology
  • Optimize VoIP, Streaming Media and Other Demanding Applications
  • Create a Secure Guest Network
  • Minimize Unsightly Cables and Equipment